Sandy Scavenger Hunt Party at the Mall


My daughter’s dream was to have her birthday party at the new mall in Sandy, now called the Shops at Southtown. Not only cake, ice cream, and presents, but a 2-hour scavenger hunt. She wanted an unlimited amount of invitations to be sent, and get the most presents possible. I thought that was a great idea until I realized that there was going to be 20+ teenage girls gathered together at a newly renovated mall that I would be responsible for. Luckily for me, this was a great group of girls. The plan was to meet at the mall at 3:00. We brought balloons, streamers, and party hats. To make things a little easier, we settled on cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches. My daughter was so excited as more and more girls showed up. The girls were so giddy and people watching helped them be patient while waiting for the last few to arrive. When all was said and done, we had over 20 girls gathered together. To make it simple, we split the girls up into 2 groups.


We had a list of about 20 things to collect or do. From saluting someone at Old Navy to collecting a colored straw, and holding hands with a dude. The latter tended to be the funniest, as well as the favorite, although the girls would not admit it to me.  Some of the other favorites were walking into Victorias Secret, and asking what is Victoria’s Secret? The girls loved the task to get a guy’s phone number. Some of them even went above and beyond and got a few. Some tasks included getting photos and recording videos. The group that got back the first with all of them completed won. We still had more time so I sent them to get bonus points.


Each group shared all their collections, photos, videos and their experience with the employees in the mall. Most were patient and helpful, while some were rude and told the girls to leave. Regardless of what happened, the girls made the best of it. They laughed it off and moved on. Both teams were awarded prizes, but the winning team got to choose first. What better prize than candy. 14-year-old girls love candy. They were hungry and thirsty, which I had expected. I had some healthy snacks of juice, carrots, fruit snacks and granola bars for them to snack on while everyone shared.


I pulled out the ice cream and cupcakes while my daughter began opening her presents.  One thing I noticed about these girls. They were just about as excited to give their presents as she was to open it. She got lots of money, candy, plush blanket, and room decor. Her favorite, of course, was the money. She raked in about $100 that day. I was impressed. I never got that much money for any birthday. Guess that is why it is good to have a birthday party at the mall where you can invite an unlimited number of people, and not have to spend much money. Plus, the girls had a blast, and clean up was easy. As long as the Mall allows them to continue, it’s a great way to celebrate a teens birthday.


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