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Visiting a family dentist means you will have fewer individual visits and longer checkup sessions because the staff has to work around scared or highly enthusiastic children. You will also incur extra costs that double, triple, or even more, under your family’s size. Looking for a family dentist in Sandy UT will undergo a different process than looking for a regular dentist for yourself. The following tips will guide your search to ensure better long-term treatment.


An individual’s dental work can be expensive enough so that they have to seek insurance services to cover the fees. One of the best ways to save money is to be proactive about the mode of payment accepted by the dental office. One that does not take your insurance presents a deal-breaker for a family with a tight budget.

Another way of minimizing the funds payable to the dentist is by keeping up with the scheduled appointments. The staff will inform you which issues are developing and the best way to combat them before they become full-blown dental catastrophes. Keeping up with your appointment also allows you to plan a detailed future and a budget structure that accommodates all family members.


A family doctor has a more expansive array of services than a specialized dentist. They are responsible for professional teeth cleaning of all dental structures, removal of teeth, and other special cases. Our dental practice offers the following dental services that will encompass all dental services:

  • Invisalign
  • Teeth whitening and cleaning
  • Treatment of cavities
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Preventive dentistry such as sealing
  • Treatment of gum diseases
  • Treatment of the root canal

Office culture

The atmosphere within the office is just as crucial as other technical aspects of dentistry. Do not make an online booking without visiting the area. Gregory Perkins DDS is happy to book in you in for a tour in the office so that you can understand how your children will feel comfortable with the staff.

An accommodating culture will have a friendly staff that is eager to process your appointment. Most importantly, the office will be clean and comfortable so that patients are not a risk of contracting infectious illnesses. Children have a higher risk of developing flu or bacterial infection because they have a developing immune system.

Aesthetic focus

Cosmetic dentistry often receives the perception of being an art to most people. The family dentist in Sandy UT should know all the methods they can use to put a healthy and presentable smile on your family. People with perfectly functioning teeth may delay a cosmetic procedure because they do not find the process to be a vital part of life.

Children are at a crucial stage in life because they are experiencing the formation of permanent adult teeth. Our DDS also specializes in services that revitalize the dental condition of aging family members. Bring your older family members for consultation on procedures such as veneers and implants so that they can enjoy their growing years with bliss.  


Family Dentist Sandy Ut

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