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Dr. Gregory D. Perkins has a specialty in general dentistry and family dental care. The office has a convenient location in the Fort Union area that borders Cottonwood Heights and Sandy. The office began its operation in 1988 and has maintained high-quality staff and fair prices. These conditions give it a formidable reputation among near and distant clients.

Our dentist in Midvale UT manages to run the office by evolving with technology since the launch in 1988. Unsurprisingly, the dental services have frequent clients of family members who want to try the new family dentistry service. We make every effort to ensure each appointment is comfortable, no matter how many times you visit the office.

Modern dentistry in Midvale can screen for oral cancer and make cosmetic surgery a straightforward process with innovative tech. These services enable dentists and dental teams to provide better care to patients and detect developing problems like cavities. We want to share a few dental technologies that will ease and fasten your process for better dental care.

Digital X-Rays

Many patients have extreme concerns about harmful radiation. X-rays are vital in ensuring that our patients have minimal exposure to radiation because they have a drastic reduction of radiation exposure. The proper treatment protocol also reduces the amount of time one spends under the light and ultimately reduces the minimal exposure one will experience.

Cone beam imaging

Highly trained local dentists in Midvale cannot always detect cavities with their naked eye. Cone beam imaging is fascinating because it can identify minute problems within the teeth. This technology can take a 3D panoramic view that combines the ability of sophisticated computer software for display. The accurate diagnosis contributes to a precise treatment procedure and minimizes secondary bookings for the same issue.

Intraoral imaging

This imaging system takes digital images of the gums and teeth. The technology allows us to see angles and details within the mouth and create an accurate solution.

Another important aspect of dental practice is the specific dental services for each condition. You have a range of options when working with our dentist in Midvale Utah because we are proficient and licensed for all of the following procedures:

Bridges and crowns

These services are inarguably the most important for severe dental conditions. They help remove existing pain and limit further decay of the adjacent teeth. It is critical to work with a dental practice that will not stir additional complications.


Both the young and old may need complete dentures. The reasons for the procedures may vary because one patient may be addressing a completely different issue than the next. The best dentists near Midvale UT have the professional skill of fabricating all teeth while keeping the patient comfortable.

Invest in a dental practice that understands the importance of proper aesthetics and fast healing by booking a consultation with our family dentist in Midvale UT. We will follow up with you after each procedure and recommend a painless whitening session after the removal of orthodontics to enhance the outlook.



Dentist Midvale Utah

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