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We strive to provide superior care and treat our patients with the utmost respect.  We care about our clients and try to make you as comfortable as possible when you come in for a dental visit.  Look and feel your best when you come to see Gregory D. Perkins, D.D.S. He is the dentist of choice in Fort Union and the Salt Lake City area! Get your half price care today!

Cosmetic Dentist

Emergency Cosmetic Dentist available 24 hours to residents of Fort Union Utah

Our cosmetic dentist offers veneers, teeth whitening, dental bonding, dental cleanings night guards and mouth guards.  Veneers are a dental process where a tooth-colored covering is put around the outside of the tooth. Veneers are generally applied to the part of the tooth that is visible when you are smiling or talking.  Bonding entails attaching a composite resin to the front of your teeth. This repairs damage caused by decay closes gaps between teeth and improves alignment.

Teeth Whitening service

Get the Best Quality whitening services available in Fort Union, Utah

Healthy, white teeth can give you a brighter and more attractive smile that can give you the confidence you need and deserve.  Dr. Gregory Perkins, D.D.S. offers highly recommended teeth whitening to Fort Union patients. Our dental facility promotes in-office whitening and in-home tray whitening. These bleaching processes are safe and effective. Not only do they remove stains on teeth, but they give you a whiter, more brilliant smile and appearance.

Dental Implants Periodontist

Feel Good & Look Great With Quality Dental Implants In Salt Lake County

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a permanent structure for replacement teeth. These implants are used to help stabilize and make removable dentures more sturdy.  Dental Implants are a very popular and effective solution for patients suffering from missing teeth, defective teeth, or those who have chronic dental problems. Dental Implants function, fit, and feel like natural teeth and are becoming the new norm in tooth replacement. When compared to dentures, crowns, and bridges, dental implants are a little more expensive but worth the expense.

Fort Union, UT

Early Pioneer pilgrims started seeing the bounty of chances in the land and the scene of Utah brought to the table; subsequently, early pioneers started to rely upon the Salt Lake Valley and perceived the wealth they acquired. They saw the percolating streams and the tremendous lush valleys and saw the potential for farmlands and fields. They found rich minerals and metals that helped the valley create flourishing networks of exchange and industry. This was the start of the city of Fort Union. The western territories of the city were created as a mining and processing settlement and the eastern piece of the city was shaped of agrarian neighborhoods. The piece of the town that is known as the Old Town territory of Fort Union started at first as a focal point of industry and mining. In 1851, pioneer families started touching base to begin settling the land.

The territory was in the long run called Bingham Junction and was an essential midpoint for the rail between mining in Bingham Canyon toward the west and Little Cottonwood Canyon toward the east. At the point when silver was found in the Little Cottonwood Canyon and Bingham Canyon individuals rushed to be a piece of the mining blast in the valley of Fort Union. When the mining business took off, so did the lodgings, motel, schools, and cantinas making a flourishing new city of Fort Union. More recently the Shops at Fort Union and Hillside Plaza have also made it a more popular destination.


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