Afraid Of The Dentist? Visit A Sandy Family Dentist Today!

Most people who are afraid of going to the dentist have had a bad experience at a previous dental appointment. However, that’s not the only reason people have a hard time visiting a family dentist in Sandy or anywhere else. Some issues people have come from the following reasons:

Why Are People Afraid Of Visiting The Dentist?

  • Parental Behavior: It is possible to learn anxiety through modeling?This means if your child witnesses you showing fear of going to the dentist, they’re much more likely to experience fear at the dentist office too.
  • Pain: Do you know of anyone who likes to be in pain? Most likely No. Many kinds of dental work can cause some pain and unfortunately, this can be a vicious cycle. If you don’t visit the dentist because you’re afraid of pain, you will most likely have more pain in the future by ignoring dental issues.
  • Fear of Needles: It can be a hard thing to get used to the idea of some sort of injection during dental work. For many procedures, local anesthetic is necessary to help make patients comfortable. This obviously presents an issue. Consequently, many people experience a fear that the anesthesia won’t work which in turn will add to their anxiety.
  • Cost: Just like any procedure with a doctor involved, dental care can be expensive. When someone already has money problems, the thought of getting a large bill from the dentist is enough to avoid the dentist.
  • Threats: It might seem like a good idea, but threatening your kids with a visit to the dentist for not brushing their teeth can create anxiety. That’s why it’s important to encourage kids to have good oral hygiene habits through fun habit forming practices. The dentist should never be used as a form of punishment.
  • Embarrassment: When a person has major problems with their teeth, including bleeding gums or bad breath, or feels embarrassed or has low self-esteem, it can result in avoiding the dentist.

We’ll Help You Get Over Your Dental Fear: Visit Your Sandy Family Dentist Today

Your dental health is going to suffer if you do not get over your fear of the dentist. Even people with a near-perfect diet and incredible dental hygiene routines, will still develop dental problems. These include hardened tartar that needs to be removed in order to avoid developing cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and other major dental problems.

Remember, prevention is always the least expensive and painful way to take care of your dental treatment. Dental cleanings may cause you to be uncomfortable or have tooth sensitivity for a very brief time. On the contrary, it does a great deal in preventing pain from major dental work.

Visit The Best Family Dentist Sandy Has To Offer

Unfortunately, anxiety will cause people only to visit the dentist when something is wrong. By this point, it means a more invasive dental procedure is going to be needed. It’s important to take care of your teeth before problems start. Gingivitis can lead to gum disease, which is linked to many health concerns including diabetes and heart disease. Some dental problems can be reversed like a Cavity, but you would need to catch the decay early.

Avoiding the dentist will only make problems worse over time. This isn’t meant to scare you, but hopefully encourage you to take care of your anxiety as soon as possible. We recommend visiting your Sandy Family Dentist sooner than later. To schedule your next dental appointment or dental cleaning, give our office a call today at (801) 255-4870.