Wisdom Teeth Removal Utah

Wisdom teeth pertain to the last set of molars growing at the back of our mouth along the dental arch. Most people will develop wisdom teeth later in life; others, however, will not develop all or some of theirs. On the other hand, some will develop more than the usual four wisdom teeth. But for those whose wisdom teeth have not fully emerged, they are likely to struggle with dental problems as a result. Despite what you may have heard or read, not all wisdom teeth have to be removed. When they have emerged cleanly and without comprising the neighboring teeth, wisdom teeth can be retained. However, if the eruption of the wisdom teeth has triggered oral problems like infection or inflammation, they may have to be extracted. One of the most common oral health problems caused by wisdom teeth is a condition known as Pericoronitis. This is characterized as having soft-tissue growth over an irregularly erupted wisdom tooth. Pericoronitis triggers infection as a result of having trapped bacteria under the soft-tissue growth. The usual indicators of Pericoronitis are overcrowding of teeth, pain as a result of biting the gums around the wisdom teeth area, foul smell or bad taste, gum inflammation, and pus oozing from the affected area. In serious cases, the infection can spread to the gum tissue, cheek, and jaw areas. Are you struggling with wisdom teeth problems? Perhaps you might want to consider having them extracted to avert any future pain, discomfort, infection, inflammation, or any other problem. Ideally wisdom teeth are recommended for removal when they don’t erupt fully or if they emerge along the nerve in the lower jaw. If you need gentle wisdom teeth removal Utah, look to us here at Gregory D. Perkins DDS for comprehensive and personalized care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. When you visit our office to have your wisdom teeth pulled, you can count on us to offer pain-free solutions and exceptional results. Please give us a call at 801-255-4870 to arrange your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Perkins. For more information about wisdom teeth removal Utah, you can visit our website at: http://gregoryperkinsdds.com/ Wisdom Teeth Extraction Are you thinking of having your wisdom teeth pulled? At Gregory D. Perkins DDS, we generally recommend removal of wisdom teeth to prevent them from causing pain or severe discomfort, especially when they grow near the nerves along the lower jaw. We believe it is best to remove the wisdom teeth as early as possible; preferably before the root of each affected tooth are fully developed. The American Dental Association announced that wisdom teeth removal is advisable when one experiences any of these symptoms:
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Presence of cysts or sacs filled with fluid
  • Repeated biting of the soft tissue next to the last lower tooth
  • Recurring infection on the said soft tissue, which is repeatedly bitten
  • Overcrowding, decay, or damage to the nearby teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Tumors, in serious cases
While the American Dental Association has not issued any guidelines regarding the removal or extraction of wisdom teeth, this matter is determined by the position or health of your teeth. When you need top-notch wisdom teeth removal Utah, come to Gregory D. Perkins DDS. We’re here to help you. Call us at 801-255-4870 today.

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