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Your children’s primary teeth are crucial to their development. As a parent, you need to make sure that they retain these teeth and maintain its optimum health as long as possible. However, like most children, oral health issues can come in the way. Tooth decay is the number one dental problem that affects the health of your children’s primary teeth. But there is a way to fix the damage caused by tooth decay. With tooth fillings, you can restore the health and appearance of your children’s teeth. Over the last ten years, there have been many remarkable developments in restorative dental health care. These include the introduction of many various filling materials that promises esthetics, relief from tooth pain, durability, and many more benefits. Today, all over the world, doctors carry out restorative dental procedures on a daily basis in children. With many options to choose from, restoring and maintaining the look and health of your children’s teeth has never been this easy and convenient. What Are Tooth Fillings? Most dental professionals highly recommend tooth fillings, to bring back the teeth’s normal function, shape, and appearance. To start with, this restorative dental solution, the doctor removes the decayed tooth and its accompanying debris, and its immediate area is clean. After that, the doctor would then place the filling material into the cavity to seal and preserve it from further infection or inflammation. By closing the cavity off, it prevents the bacteria from entering. Tooth filling is also helpful in stopping further decay. The common filling materials used include porcelain, composite resin, amalgam, and gold. Do your children suffer from tooth decay? You might want to consider this restorative dentistry option. If you are planning to get tooth fillings, Sandy, UT, get in touch with Gregory D. Perkins DDS. Choosing the Right Filling Material Not sure, which filling material to choose? Wondering what works best for your children’s oral health care needs. Look to Gregory D. Perkins DDS. He offers superior-quality tooth fillings Sandy, UT. While there is no particular type of tooth filling that is best for anyone, Dr. Perkins can help you determine which one is right for your children’s teeth. He will conduct a thorough checkup of your children’s mouth, determine the full extent of the damage caused by tooth decay, identify what the problems, and make other necessary considerations. These considerations include whether or not your children have allergic reactions to certain filling materials or where to position the tooth that needs filling. Gold tooth fillings can last up to 20 years. They are made-to-order which then the doctor would attached into the cavity. While many authorities think this is the best material, it can be quite expensive. Amalgam fillings are inexpensive but are more noticeable because of its dark hue. Thus, they are seldom used to fill in cavities of the front teeth or placed in other visible areas. Filling materials made of composite resin that is made to match the color of the teeth. However, while they create a more natural appearance, they tend to discolor with tobacco or coffee and only last for up to 10 years. Porcelain fillings are bonded to the tooth and are designed to match the teeth’s color and resist discoloration. Its cost, however, is about the same as gold fillings. If you need, help choosing that material to pick, speak with Dr. Perkins. He offers a wide selection of high-quality tooth fillings Sandy, UT. Contact Dr. Perkins When it comes to tooth fillings Sandy, UT, make Dr. Perkins your number one choice. If you want to schedule your one-on-one talk about which filling material to choose, contact him at (801) 255-4870.

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