Teeth Whitening in Sandy, Utah


Healthy white teeth can give you a brighter, more attractive smile which, in turn, can give you the confidence you need. Dr. Gregory Perkins, DDS is offering the kind of teeth whitening Sandy Utah patients highly recommend.

Our facility promotes two kinds of teeth whitening, namely in-office whitening and tray whitening. Both of these bleaching processes are safe and are used in order to remove stains on teeth and give them a whiter, more dazzling appearance.

In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening, as the name indicates, is done at our dental practice. It is suited for people who have just enough time for an hour-long dental bleaching procedure. The process of in-office whitening involves the use of a special gel that erases tooth stains and whitens your teeth. The special gel is made more effective with the use of light activation.

A home touch up kit is included with this procedure. The kit can be used when needed. The results of in-office whitening treatments can last for many years, making it very cost-effective.

Tray Whitening

If you do not have the time for an in-office teeth whitening, you may also opt for a do-it-yourself tray whitening kit. This kit is available at the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Perkins. With this system, clear whitening trays are custom-made using dental impressions. These whitening trays are worn so that your teeth can soak in the special bleaching gel that is included in the kit.

This procedure is supposed to be done for at least half an hour, one hour at most. The bleaching process is done twice daily so that at the end of the treatment period, you can expect to see the brightest smile you have ever had.

Teeth whitening is just one way to improve the appearance of your smile. Visit the practice of Dr. Gregory Perkins, DDS or call us at 801-255-4870 for more information today!

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