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You have probably heard about root canal treatment, but how much do you about this procedure? Since not as popular as braces, it is quite understandable that this treatment does not have a great reputation among patients. If you are confused as to what this is all about, get your facts straight. Read on to learn more about this Root canal treatment is an ideal remedy to salvage a tooth that is badly infected and decayed. During this procedure, the pulp and nerve of the affected tooth are removed. The inside is after that cleaned and sealed. While this procedure has, a reputation of being a painful experience, many patients have reported going through an ordeal that is no more painful than having a tooth filling applied. The discomfort is more during the dental care part but not during the root canal procedure. If you are considering on getting a root canal Sandy, UT, you will be glad to know the painful ordeal does not lie during the procedure. Why Root Canal Treatment Needs to Be Done There comes a point when the tooth has to be removed because it is severely damaged or infected. When the damage has reached through the nerve and pulp that is the time when the tooth has to be removed. Here, the bacteria have permeated through the tooth’s defenses, broken down the enamel and spread within the pulp chamber. The doctor will take out decay and debris; otherwise, it will aggravate the condition and result in an abscessed tooth. An abscessed tooth is pus-filled. It smells nasty and can be very painful. Here, the infection has spread to the root of the tooth. If left untreated, the swelling could extend beyond the affected tooth’s area, reaching the nearby teeth and gums; in severe cases, the swelling could spread to the face and neck. An abscess can also result in bone loss. The infection and damage could also create a hole on the tooth’s surface. A root canal procedure is the proper remedy, when severely inflamed, irritated, or infected because of serious tooth decay. If you need root canal Sandy, UT, come to the trusted name in oral care. Get in touch with Gregory D. Perkins DDS. Here are some of the common indicators that you may need to undergo a root canal procedure: • When pressure is applied severe tooth pain results (as when eating, chewing, biting, etc.); • Exposure to hot or cold temperatures leads to sensitivity, discomfort, or pain; • Darkening or discoloration of the affected tooth; • Tenderness and swelling of the nearby gums; or • Persistent pimple that recurs on the gums. When You Need Root Canal Sandy, UT Are you looking for comprehensive and personalized root canal Sandy, UT? Make Gregory D. Perkins DDS your number one choice for all your oral health care needs. Discover the best treatments and advanced care that you need from the area’s premier dental expert. For superior root canal Sandy, UT, contact Gregory D. Perkins DDS. Call (801) 255-4870.

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